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The American Army of Two

The Story of Abigail & Rebecca Bates

In the year 1810 the United States Congress voted $4000 to build a lighthouse at Scituate Harbor.
The Light, of split granite blocks with a one and onehalf story house attached, was activated in 1811.

Here lived Captain Simeon Bates with his wife and nine children. During the War of 1812 Abigail and Rebecca, young daughters of the Lighthouse keeper, prevented the British from sacking the town. Noting the approach of two redcoat-filled barges from the frigate H.M.S. Bulwark, the girls snatched fife and drum and, hiding behind a thick cluster of cedar trees, made such a din that the British mistook them for an entire regiment and made a hasty retreat. Abigail and Rebecca Bates have gone down in history as 'The American Army of Two" and their courageous act has been recorded in many textbooks and story books.

[Story compliments of the Scituate Historical Society, Scituate, Massachusetts]

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